14 Bright-Colored Christmas Nails Idea!

14 Bright-Colored Christmas Nails Idea!

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Christmas is here again and who doesn’t want to look all done and all stylish? hahaha….everyone wants to!

Which perfect body part are we going to start from if not nails?

Look up our nail, hair, and nail ideas to help you spot an enviable look on Christmas Day. Just pick one and have your stylist do something awesome for you.

14 Bright-Colored Christmas Nails Idea!

1. Santa + Gift Inspired Nail Art


This is one of the most cutest nails I have seen this year!

2. Jeweled Nail Design


3. Santa On a Crown


Get crackin all good with this ‘N’ of my alphabet of nail art.

4. Love-Up Cute Nail

5. Awesome Plaid & Pearls


6. Lovely Candy Cane


7. Deep Wine

Christmas nails


8. Red Wine Nails

This wine glass with a Santa hat is the best thing I have seen on nails this Christmas. You want to try it!

9. Sparkly Candy Cane Nails

Courtesy: @naomisnails

Make your nails look hot and sexy with red glitters and nude pink base and by adding snowflakes.

10. Sparkly Snow Nails

You might want to spot on this heavenly white nails!

11. Buffalo Check Nails

Courtesy: @sensationails4u

All you need is an old-school plaid and glitter polish to rock this Holiday season like a charmer!

12. Neutral Holiday Design

Pair neutrals with rose gold glitter to make it look festive and only yours!

13. Bright Red & Green


14. Classy Nude


Time to pick one and try!

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