6 Simple At-Home-Haircut Tips For Men

6 Simple At-Home-Haircut Tips For Men

Easy tips to cut your hair at home.

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Mens home haircut tips

During a global pandemic, things that we once took for granted are suddenly very complex. Now that some states are issuing new stay-at-home orders, it’s unclear when you can go to a barbershop to get your next haircut. Though many of us have spent quarantine learning how to cook and work out, haircuts require a different level of care. It’s pretty easy to mess up. But don’t worry! Check out these simple tips for cutting your own hair.

6 Simple At-Home-Haircut Tips For Men

1) Get A Low Maintenance Haircut When You Can

A lot of states have fluctuating restrictions and guidelines. As always, it’s best to do what you’re personally comfortable with. If you’re able to safely visit your barber, you should get a haircut that will be easy for you to maintain on your own. Michael Canson, a barber based in San Mateo, California, had some suggestions for what clients should request. He says that skin fades usually “take a week to grow back” and that clients should ask for a “low skin fade” if they “don’t want their sides to be too short.”

Another option is getting skin bald tapers. The barber says that this haircut is great “if you want to keep a good amount of hair on the sides and still want your sideburns and back cleaned up.” This haircut grows back quicker than skin fades. For people who don’t want their sides to be “skin bald,” he suggests asking for “a regular taper or fade.”

Those options allow for a myriad of styling variations such as comb-overs. Chances are that if you’re getting a haircut, you will want it to last for a while. Canson says that straight razor clean up will “make the fade/taper last longer.”

Are you feeling overwhelmed with options? First, take this haircut quiz to determine which style fits your face shape. Whether you want something short or are looking for a style that’s great for your thin hair, there’s something out there for you.

2) Get The Proper Supplies

In order to get a quality haircut, you should invest in the right tools. Here are a few things you will need:

– A handheld mirror so you can see the back of your head.
– A hair clipper.
– A beard trimmer.
– Pomade, clay so you can style your hair as you see fit.
– A comb
– A brush
– Hair scissors

3) Get A Buzzcut

For many people, a buzzcut is a great option because it’s low maintenance and easy. However, it still requires a level of skill. It’s best that you use a regular hair clipper and not a beard trimmer. Your hair clipper has different settings. For thicker, darker hair, use 1.5 length. On the other hand, for finer, light-colored hair, use 2. When you’re shaving, go against the grain of the hair. Use 1.5 on the sides of your hair if the sides feel bulky with your level 2.

4) Let It Grow Out!

Quarantine can be a chance to rock a new hairstyle. Though growing out your hairs means you won’t be cutting it, you can still do some maintenance so you keep it looking fresh and neat. If your hair is long enough to tuck behind your ears, you can use clippers to trim your sideburns. Remember to brush your hair often and use some conditioner in the shower. Since shampooing can dry out your hair, avoid doing it on a daily basis.

5) Trim Your Beard

Your hair is just one aspect to grooming. To look your best, you will also want to frequently trim your beard. Clean up around your neck, lips, and cheeks. If you don’t want to use a trimmer, you can use scissors. To keep your beard healthy, use conditioner and beard oil to moisturize.

6) This Is A Chance To Support Your Barber

This pandemic has been tough on small businesses. Cutting your hair at home is a chance to help your local barber. You can ask your barber to do a consultation via Zoom or Facetime and pay them digitally. In addition, you can support and promote their GoFundMe pages and sustain their business by purchasing a gift card.

During the last year, we’ve all had to make some sacrifices for the better good. By staying home, you’re saving lives and keeping people safe. With the right haircut tips, you can still look and feel great while staying home. Have fun with your haircuts at home.

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