How to Make Box Braids | Best Box Braids Tutorials 2024

How to Make Box Braids | Best Box Braids Tutorials 2024

Doing your own box braids can save you lots of money! Could be hard but it is totally doable. You landed on this page because you want to find out how to make box braids or you were trying to find the best box braids tutorial on the Internet, so has it right here.

Here on we teach you how to look beautiful while spending less money…smiles!

You’ll need braiding for box braids because it lasts longer on natural hair and looks less wiry. For your hair to hold and to lay down, you need a good, slick gel. You might want to have a mirror because box braids require you to see your head from all sides because they involve dividing your hair into little boxes.

To begin, divide your braided hair into two portions, one of which should be larger than the other.
You should have three legs: two split pieces of braiding hair, and one section of your natural hair in the middle.

Loop the braiding hair around the first section of the natural hair you want to braid.
Once you’ve reached the end of your natural hair, begin braiding the three legs together, adding additional hair from the larger extension as you go.
Follow these instructions for every piece of your separated hair, and if necessary, secure it with an elastic.

Here are some suggestions to Make Box Braids for both preparation and follow-up:

Always use even sections to guarantee that your partings are consistent and the braids remain the same size.
Always detangle before braiding: You’ll want to make sure your hair is well-detangled to prevent snarls and breakage. When braiding natural hair, you might also need to untangle the hair.


How to Make Box Braids | Best Box Braids Tutorials

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