10 Smallest Box Braiding Tutorials to Watch 2023

10 Smallest Box Braiding Tutorials to Watch 2023

One of the most adaptable braided styles you may try is a knotless box braid. It opens up a broad range of styling possibilities, like this stylish yet playful high bun with tiers. One of the simplest and most popular methods to arrange braids is in a bun, but don’t overlook it. Buns can be used in a variety of inventive ways, as this tiered bun demonstrates.

Hair braiding can be particularly challenging to master. To keep the braids tight and even requires not only extreme dexterity and precision, but you may also need to examine your head from various angles, which is challenging if you don’t have eyes in the back of your head (or, you know, portable mirror skills).

Small box braids provide a wonderful sense of movement and lovely texture that may be used as a base for a variety of updos and downdos, including ponytails, braids atop braids, untidy buns, fancy side ‘does, and high and low buns.

Although placing little braids takes more time, micro braids feel lighter since you do not need a lot of hair for each braid. You won’t experience headaches or a lot of breakage if you also urge your stylist to avoid braiding them very tightly.

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Smallest Box Braiding Tutorials to Watch

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